Shoes maintenance

Leather shoes

In order to make your leather shoes constantly fresh and shinny, they need to be maintained properly. The first step is to clean them, so it is neccesary to take away the dirt with an ordinary brush. Once you have shoes cleaned, the next step is to apply some shoe cream/polish with some natural wax inside. Do not apply too much cream on the leather. It is recommended to use a soft brush or a soft rag, applying a gentle pressure on the leather surface until the cream is completely inside the leather structure, and the shoes look fresh and shinny.

Nubuck leather (suede)

Many will agree that the nubuck (suede) is one of the most demanding materials for maintenance. There are special soft brushes for this type of leather. If your suede shoes catch the dirt, they have to be treated with special gentle eraser intended for removing the stains on that type of leather. After you clean the dirt, brush the shoes to remove traces of rubber eraser and dirt residues. Suede shoes should be protected with spray impregnation. In this way, these shoes will be more resistant to rain, and your feet will be dry and warm despite the rain. After applying the impregnation spray, let the shoes to dry at room temperature.


With just a little attention, velour shoes can look as "fluffy" as the first day even after the season wearing. Velour shoes are a little less sensitive than the nubuck shoes, but like in treating nubuck shoes, you requiere special velour brush, special rubber for removing dirty stains, and a cleaning impregnation spray. Regularly brush and clean shoes. Before wearing it is necessary to apply a spray to impregnate so the rain does not penetrate into the shoes and cause damage and repairing costs.

Patent leather shoes

Patent leather shoes are extremely sensitive and they need particular attention. Do not use any kind of brush, beacause it can damage the outer layer of gloss. These shoes are best preserved by using a soft and a bit moist rag, using very little polish cream. Once you applied the cream, continue polishing gently until there is no cream visible on the surface.

Wet shoes

If your shoes just got heavily wet, you have to react promptly in order to minimalize the eventual damage on the inner and outer leather surface. To dry the shoes in the right way it is necessary to put some old newspapers or something similar inside them and that will absorb excess moisture. Do not expose wet shoes to direct heat, sunlight and any kind of heaters, because rapidly drying out the leather can have bad consequences, causing the surface to crack. Dry them at room temperature and be patient, take as much time as it is required for them to become completely dry. It is better to wait a whole day or even a bit more, instead of rushing into wearing incompletely dried shoes.