About us


Strugar is a reputable manufacturer of hand made shoes, custom-made from the best and the finest natural materials with 50 years of work and experience. 

Everyting began half a century ago, in 1967 when Mr. Alojz Strugar, master of shoemaking, opened a business in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, in the longest street in Zagreb city, Ilica 33rd

The workshop did not change its location since then, and the production method changed very little – the only thing that's changed is the fashion, where Strugar has constantly been at the forefront. It is evidenced by the decades old books with orders and measures of permanent and well-known customers who are constantly coming back.

In the present the craft is run by mr.Neno Strugar, continuing  his father's tradition where quality of manual work and customer satisfaction is primary task, instead of quantity of produced shoes.

No less attention is paid to worldwide  fashion trends, so in this shoe store in Zagreb you can order shoes which are currently worn in Vienna, Paris, London. Evidence of our creativity is also a growing number of foreign customers who visit Zagreb and don't miss to come in our store and order modern, comfortable and durable shoes with well-known logo -  Strugar.


Strugar Shoes has become a brand a long time ago, and is proud to build further.